Syllabus: Spring, 2003

A. Required Text:
The Poetry of Our World: An International Anthology of Contemporary Poetry. Ed. Jeffery Paine. New York: Harper Collins, 2000.

B. Course Requirements:
(1) two papers [500-800 words each; 1 unit each];
(2) a journal [3 units] in which students will be asked to write regularly, to be submitted in the penultimate week of the course. Each entry must be dated and must be at least one page of double-spaced type. An incomplete journal will result in failure of the entire course. The journal will be graded on punctuality, thoroughness, effectiveness of exposition and neatness of presentation;
(3) two class presentations of ten minutes each [1/2 unit each], the details of which will be announced in class;
(4) a final examination [2 units]: Thursday, May 8, 2:00-5:00;
(5) class participation (contributing to class discussion; asking and answering questions) counts for 2 units;
(6) any unexcused absence will lower the student’s grade by one point, e.g. from D to D-.

Anyone missing an assignment, for whatever reason, should see me as soon as possible. 

C. Course Description:

A study of twentieth century poetry in English (or English translation) from Europe, America, Africa, Asia and Latin America. We will attempt to identify characteristics of modernism, realism and symbolism, and other movements; and to examine common themes, parallelisms, influences and contrasts through poetry of different cultures. We will also endeavour to consider the intellectual and political contexts of the work of these writers, and, as far as possible, the poetic forms they deploy.

D. Weekly Class Assignments:

(1) The English-Speaking World:
Tue Jan 21: Introduction.
Thu Jan 23: Read Introduction and summarise (2 pages); Robert Lowell.
Tue Jan 28: Elizabeth Bishop.
Thu Jan 30: Philip Larkin.
Tue Feb 4: Seamus Heaney.
Thu Feb 6: Derek Walcott.

(2) Europe:
Tue Feb 11: Read Introduction and summarise (2 pages); Anna Akhmatova.
Thu Feb 13: Paul Celan.
Tue Feb 18: Zbigniew Herbert.
Thu Feb 20: Eugenio Montale.
Tue Feb 25: George Seferis.

(3) Africa:
Thu Feb 27: Read Introduction and summarise (2 pages); Leopold Sedar Senghor.
Tue Mar 4: Okot p’Bitek.
Thu Mar 6: Writing workshop: bring two-page draft of first paper.
Tue Mar 11: Antonio Agostinho Neto; FIRST PAPER DUE.
Thu Mar 13: Breyten Breytenbach.
Tue Mar 25: Wole Soyinka.

(4) Latin America:
Thu Mar 27: Read Introduction and summarise (2 pages); Jorge Luis Borges.
Tue Apr 1: Pablo Neruda.
Thu Apr 3: Octavio Paz.

(5) Southeast Asia and the Pacific:
Tue Apr 8: Read Introductions by Anita Desai and Agha Shahid Ali, and summarise (1 page each); A.K. Ramanujan.
Thu Apr 10: Faiz Ahmed Faiz.
Tue Apr 15: Chairil Anwar.
Thu Apr 17: Writing workshop: bring two-page draft of second paper.

(6) China:
Tue Apr 22: Read Introduction by Perry Link and summarise (2 pages); Duoduo. SECOND PAPER DUE.
(7) Japan:
Thu Apr 24: Read Introduction by Donald Keene and summarise (2 pages); Shuntaro Tanikawa.
Tue Apr 29: Class’ selections.
Thu May 1: Last day of class: review.

Final Examination: Thursday, May 8, 2:00-5:00.